Veterans dedicated to providing support to other veterans in their process of recovering and healing.

Veterans Adventure Group (VAG) is a group of Patriotic Americans, mostly comprised of veteran personnel. We hope to bridge the gap in helping as many veterans we can that may need peer support. Our motto of "Build, Train, Equip, and Execute" provides the framework with which this is done. We build the teams, train the teams through months of skill and fitness based training, provide the required equipment to safely and successfully complete the mission, then facilitate the execution of the desired mission. All the required equipment is then donated to the veterans, allowing them to operate independently in local teams after working with Veterans Adventure Group.


As part of the VAG, we have added another Group that is inspiring and still serving each other through the vets helping vets program of the Adaptive Veterans Adventure Group. Through their process of healing they are empowered to be the leaders they were trained to be in the military.

Adaptive VAG supports veterans through adaptive sports and recreational activities.

AdaptiveVAG’s mission helps vets with disabilities and other conditions to develop and use their leisure in ways that enhance their health, functional abilities, independence and quality of life.

The benefits of recreation therapy for Veterans is more than just improving physical well being.

The therapy can also improve social functioning and help Veterans develop new leisure skills. It can enhance creative expression and break down barriers for cultural expression. A final transition to home and to the community is a goal for many Veterans and recreational therapy helps create the catalyst for successful community re-entry.



“AdaptiveVAG helps support veterans in their process of recovering & healing."

- Michael Paul